SCREENINGS: SHORTS FROM THE FEMINIST SEVENTIES Curated by Shilyh Warren. Films courtesy of the Reserve Film and Video Collection of The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. Segal Center, CUNY Graduate Center. 5th Ave. October 31


Maccarone Gallery, Reprise of “25 years of Sexually Explicit Art”. Sept 6 opening. Through October 16th (Mayhem)

Mondo. NYC Music Festival and Tech Summit - Marilyn Carino at DROM NYC, on Friday, September 16th. Curated by Michael David DAVID&SCHWEITZER CONTEMPORARY- at 10 pm (vis á vis)


Edinburg Film Festival, Video Data Bank Show (Mercy)


HC Hartmann Festival. 85th bday. Group show. Vienna. May

Book Launch Party. Mouth To Mouth (Eoagh Press, Brooklyn NY). May 15. Page Parlor. Readings by Andrews, Levy, Levitsky, Foster, Karasick and Child.


à venir, Group show at MACVAL, Museum d’art contemporain du Val-de-Marne (April 1-3)with Ruiz and Snow (Mutiny)

Strangloscope 8th Edition MIS/SC April 15th-17th. Museum of Image and Sound, Brazil (vis á vis)

Femmes' Video Art Festival 2 (April 23rd and April 30th) at The Situation Room, w/ 10-day long rotation of video art programs at LACE, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (in Hollywood). (Elsa merdelamerdelamer) April 30.


UNBOUND: Scenes From The Life of Mary Shelley. March 14th at Art Cinema Offoff, Ghent, Belgium. In a program featuring split screen work by Child, Eija Liisa Ahtila and Hito Steyerl.

March 15/16th Tufts University Media Center Visiting Artist Abigail in person.

Interview in Mud Season Review, Vermont. #17. March online.


Interview in BOMB Magazine, Feb. in conjunction with P.S. 1 show

Greater NY, February 14 – February 20 inclusive, continuous screening MUTINY, MoMA PS1, Queens, NY noon to 6pm.



Collages appearing in December Issue #15 Mud Season Review, Vermont December 20, 2015. Featured Artists Collage Abigail Child


Participant at the Third Work Sound Symposium, Hunter College, NYC. November 13 - November 14th with Melissa Ragona.


New York Premiere MirrorWorlds a 3-screen extravaganza installed at WESTBETH - 55 Bethune Street NYC NY 10014 (between Washington & West Streets) September 26 - October 11. Opening September 26 6-8pm.

“My Poetics” published in Dossier on Found Footage in magazine Laika (, an initiative of Laboratory of Audiovisual Research and Criticism (Laboratório de Investigação e Crítica Audiovisual: Laica, in Portuguese), a research group of the Department of Cinema, Radio and Television of the School of Communication and Arts, University of São Paulo (the main university in Brazil).

“Invisibility” published in OEI (Conceptual Art, Concrete Poetry, Philosophy and Film), Sweden. Editor Daniel Swarthnas


"Book Films" Experimental works inspired by Literature with Eros, Schlemowitz, Liotta, Ahwesh, Ruiz. At Brazenhead Books, NY (Ligatures)


Seattle Film Festival: SALOMÉ.
National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. The Suburban Trilogy
SoHo House, NYC “new work” FACETIME includes Elsa merdelamerdelamer, Mirror World, vis à vis, Ligatures.
“A (d)Raft of Kisses” in Vlak 5. Ed. Louis Armand


Next To You: Canyon Cinema Salon Selected by Claire Bain (Mayhem)
Other Cinema, ATA, San Francisco (Elsa merdelamerdelamer)


Hardy Tree Gallery, London UK. Group show Mahu Cinema curated by Dave Spittle (Mercy)
Crossroads Festival, SF Vis A Vis on tour


Light Industry Screenings, NY. Mayhem
Flatpack Festival, Elsa
Crossroads Festival, SF Vis A Vis. Winner of Audience Award


Rotterdam Film Festival, Premiere of SALOMÉ. Netherlands.