ACTS and INTERMISSIONS 2017, color/b/w, 57 minutes, stereo sound

“An hour-long collage essay, charging the discussion with her enlightened aesthetic of poetry, the archive, and experimental montage. As the Most Dangerous Woman Alive, Goldman’s life is seen as an ongoing negotiation of revolutionary purity and personal freedom, a complexity that Child mirrors in her own formal strategies. She layers multiple fragments of Emma’s liberatory legacy—from archive, from reenactment and from observational cinema—her speculative play with the revolutionary ideas extending to the present moment of feminist revolt!” Craig Baldwin, ATA

The film is the second in my Trilogy of Women and Ideology. Each part asks: How Ideologies fail women? What do we give up in our struggle to be more than “merely female”? The first in the trilogy, UNBOUND, retells the story of Mary Shelley, examining 19th century Romanticism through “imaginary home movies” shot in Rome. This second film explores Emma Goldman and
Anarchism, shot in New York City, in a series of non-hierarchical fragmented ‘memory’ chapters. The work’s structure is influenced by films as diverse as 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould and Hollis Frampton’s Surface Tension. The third part of the Trilogy will explore Science in the 21st century, focusing on virtual women and androids.

November 20th, DocYard, Cambridge, MA
November 14th and 18th, L’Alternativa - Barcelona, Barcelona Independent Film Festival, Spain
November 13th, Houston Cinema Arts Festival, Aurora Picture Show, TX
November 4th, 5th, and 6th, Denver Film Festival, CO
October 27th, Jihlava, Czech Republic, International Premiere
October 5th and 7th, Montreal Nouveau Cinema, Montreal, Canada
September 27th, Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, California
September 19th, American Jewish Historical Society, NY
July 28th and 30th, Gimli Film Festival, Gimli, Canada, Canadian premiere
June 6th, ICA London, UK Premiere
May 21st, UnionDocs, Brooklyn, NY
April 8th, Artists' Television Access, San Francisco, Solo Show
April 9th, Ashland Film Festival, Oregon
April, Fronteira Festival, Goiânia, Brazil
March 25th, Ann Arbor Film Festival
March 15th, Ill Frontiera, Goiânia, Goiás, Brasil
February 17th and 19th, Doc Fortnight at MoMA, NY, World Premiere


Featuring: Miriam Rocek and Alenka Kraiger
Director, Camera, Editor: Abigail Child
Composer: Andrea Parkins
Texts: Emma Goldman, My Life Vol 1 + 2 Letters; Speeches on Marriage, Anarchism + Patriotism