Milky Way 2003,Film (16mm), b/w, sound
Projected film installation version of 16 mm Dark Dark.

Director/Producer/Editor: Abigail Child; Music: Ennio Morricone; Additional Sound Recording + editing: Abigail Child; Mix Harvestworks; Lab, Cinema Arts. USA 2001

“DARK DARK is a ghost dance of narrative gesture melding four found story fragments: Noir, Western, Romance and Chase. The music of Ennio Morricone provocatively interacts with the images, tantalizing the audience with webs of memory, meaning and elusive folly.” AC [Child’s]…editing slays the syntax bound progression that makes narrative film so dull… The edit is a creative act that makes revisiting the work ever appealing and distinct from meal based media.
-Bravo! Willie Le Maitre, Montreal

Distribution: Abigail Child