To And No Fro. 2005, 4.5min, 35mm to dvd, b/w, sound.

Part of FOREIGN FILM SERIES with Monica de la Torre and Luis Bunuel.

First in a series of five ‘foreign films’ for projection/installation.

“Speculative play with image and sound outside the frame.
Status and culture crack the mirror of family secrets, dreams, hauntings and wish-fulfillment in letters. The text speaks; the scene looks."

A reworking of Bunuel’s Women Without Love and a chance to crack the mirror of family secrets and repression. Speculative play with image, sound and space outside the frame. Status and culture haunt bourgeois dreams suggesting an alternative wish fulfillment of letters: the text speaks; the scene looks.

Premiered at Bowery Poetry Project in Film/Poetry Festival.
Additional Screenin¬¬gs: ‘in the garden’ sponsored by Boston Women Filmmakers, August 05; Harvard University, Agassiz House Installation, Baker Room:
April 3-21, 2006. Retrospective at Harvard Cinematheque Nov. 07.

Distribution: Abigail Child